OAuth 2.0 Playground

Please use your Adobe Developer Console Project Credentials below to generate the OAuth 2.0 Access Token

Step 1: Adobe Developer Console Credentials

Adobe Developer Console Project

  1. Go to the Adobe Developer Console
  2. Create a Project-> Select Add API-> Select services you wish to integrate with (e.g. Adobe Stock->OAuth 2.0 Web)
  3. In the Project OAuth Web credentials, please provide the REDIRECT URI PATTERN as https://adobeioruntime\\.net
  4. Return to this page

Adobe OAuth 2.0 Authorization endpoint [Production Environment]
Adobe OAuth 2.0 Token endpoint [Production Environment]
console.adobe.io -> "Project" -> "Credentials" -> "OAuth Web" -> "Client ID" from the Credential Details
console.adobe.io -> "Project" -> "Credentials" -> "OAuth Web" -> "Client Secret" from the Credential Details

Click here to learn more about scopes

Step 2: Tokens

Frequently Asked Questions

Who should be using this application?

Anyone who has created a Project at Adobe Developer Console with Project type OAuth 2.0 and trying to retrieve an OAuth 2.0 access token

Can I see the code?

Absolutely, the application is created to provide sample code to interact with Adobe OAuth 2.0 endpoints. You can find the repositories here:

1. I/O Runtime (OpenWhisk) Actions Adobe-IMS-OAuth-Runtime-Playground

2. Node JS Application using Passport JS and passport-adobe-oauth2 strategy Adobe-IMS-OAuth-Playground

3. Simple Node JS Application Adobe-IMS-OAuth-Node-Playground

Where can I find the latest information on Scopes, Authorization and Access Endpoint URLs?

For the latest information, please visit our OAuth 2.0 Guide

Where can I leave feedback or comments?

Email Adobe I/O Solutions team
Feedback/CommentsReport an Issue

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